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    No worries, I'm here with you

    Chapter 3: Field Hunt - Heresy · 2023-03-25T08:27:23Z


    I swear if the mc dies imma cry and drop this shit i want to see his full arc massacre

    Chapter 5 - The Strongest Brave Who Craves For Revenge, Extinguish With The Power Of Darkness · 2023-03-25T08:26:05Z


    Darkest is so dope. crazy class with badass attacks and now she's getting the skill to match, and she has the loyalty of being raised to her potential thanks to Jaeho, plus the cuteness of her insecurities

    Chapter 118: Episode 118 - The Strongest Florist · 2023-03-25T08:20:47Z

    Roronoa ZoRobot

    my thoughts exactly, i cant believe my mommy viper is here

    Chapter 13 - Drug-Eating Genius Mage · 2023-03-25T08:06:40Z

    Dark Hunter

    Yes, i dont like the guild receptionist just like her. But its different world and other kingdom. Im not sure they are nice but unlikely that woman rude.

    Chapter 42 - The Exiled Reincarnated Heavy Knight Is Unrivaled in Game Knowledge · 2023-03-25T08:06:04Z

    Ghost 1999

    He's one of those middle eastern princes who have trillions of dollars

    Chapter 59 - BJ Archmage · 2023-03-25T08:01:15Z