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    Henrique Gunter Scardua

    That’s the price of not having neither bitches nor mindset and no grindset either.

    Chapter 13 - A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money · 2022-10-04T14:17:57Z


    Could it be that Fran is the gold dragon or the one that has time magic?

    Chapter 69 - Return of the 8th Class Magician · 2022-10-04T14:16:34Z


    Don't tell me you're one of those arrogant young prince?

    Chapter 24 - Monster Duke's Daughter · 2022-10-04T14:15:39Z

    Momo Yomo

    Same for me (has too many thats been updating and im too lazy so im starting new ones)

    My Daughter is the Final Boss · 2022-10-04T14:13:58Z


    lol even the namgoong head has trouble explaining about tang clan

    Chapter 90 - Doctor’s Rebirth · 2022-10-04T14:12:46Z


    Either the real joshua is dead or this "person" possessed joshua's body

    Chapter 21 - Monster Duke's Daughter · 2022-10-04T14:04:07Z


    The king's health is in peril, this is usually when newbie isekai'd mc shows up and heals the king with great magic and be favored and proceed with his story yada yada

    Chapter 67 - Return of the 8th Class Magician · 2022-10-04T14:01:42Z


    This may be a weird question, but when does his classes start? I mean shouldn't he be at some big shot school right now?

    Chapter 12 - The Useless Tamer Will Turn into the Top Unconsciously by My Previous Life Knowledge · 2022-10-04T14:00:29Z


    Same but I'll just pretend that I can

    Chapter 10 - I Obtained a Mythic Item · 2022-10-04T14:00:02Z