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    Dunno why but I love his older character!

    Chapter 163 - Library of Heaven's Path · 2022-10-04T14:41:23Z

    Death seeker

    Throwing him would reduce the speed now, wouldn't it? 🤔

    Chapter 35 - L.A.G · 2022-10-04T14:40:07Z

    Rafał K

    That girl is like 12-13, and she talk "first time in my life". LOL what a joke how many years you live to say those words????

    Chapter 53: Episode 53 - Feng Ni Tian Xia · 2022-10-04T14:39:19Z


    and I need to wait for another 3 chapters to see the result

    Chapter 103 - The Max Level Hero Has Returned! · 2022-10-04T14:34:23Z

    kai is sad

    yeah it's his fault he got matched with some crazy ass bitch lmao

    Greatest Outcast - Chapter 32 - MangaKatana · 2022-10-04T14:32:18Z

    Exalted Nevaeh

    Life is a story, and while there will always be regrets—this one was good.

    Chapter 196 - Way To Heaven · 2022-10-04T14:31:56Z

    I watch Anime

    Lich fell in ditches, snitches, and get stitches. Then he switches his riches, because his bitches were witches.
    Mc is gonna make him feel itches in his britches. Make him change his pitch... es...

    Chapter 66: Information Warfare - Another World Munchkin -Conquering the Dungeon as the Strongest and the Fastest with Only 1 HP- · 2022-10-04T14:31:16Z


    So the real joshua did really die

    Chapter 28 - Monster Duke's Daughter · 2022-10-04T14:30:17Z


    some people should be stomped on when coming out the womb, after reading that i know youre one of them

    Chapter 11: Chasing Claus - The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~ · 2022-10-04T14:28:15Z


    So chapter 69 is somehow related to what we hoped, cause it's a prequel to an exposition how ian was born

    Chapter 70 - Return of the 8th Class Magician · 2022-10-04T14:23:56Z

    Grandmaster U. Yi

    even so, a half-ass dragon is still weaker than a bad-ass dragon

    Chapter 43 - The Hero Returns · 2022-10-04T14:23:45Z