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    The king's health is in peril, this is usually when newbie isekai'd mc shows up and heals the king with great magic and be favored and proceed with his story yada yada

    Chapter 67 - Return of the 8th Class Magician · 2022-10-04T14:01:42Z


    This may be a weird question, but when does his classes start? I mean shouldn't he be at some big shot school right now?

    Chapter 12 - The Useless Tamer Will Turn into the Top Unconsciously by My Previous Life Knowledge · 2022-10-04T14:00:29Z


    Same but I'll just pretend that I can

    Chapter 10 - I Obtained a Mythic Item · 2022-10-04T14:00:02Z


    O sht, someone is about to climb

    Chapter 191 - Way To Heaven · 2022-10-04T13:58:12Z


    decided to check out a chapter of this again and damn, it still looks like a preteen on deviantart drew this lmao

    Chapter 44: The Best - Magi Craft Meister · 2022-10-04T13:54:48Z

    abd senpai

    oh yeah ,love you author , full flow this time

    Chapter 254 - Kanojo, Okarishimasu · 2022-10-04T13:51:57Z


    Just how much is this bail?!?! TWO ROWS OF ZEROES?!?!?!

    Chapter 105: SE13: Meeting the End - Beware of the Villainess! · 2022-10-04T13:51:40Z


    Where did you read the WN? All the sites I was able to find only cover like 10chapters

    Chapter 61: The Southern Campaign I - Youjo Senki · 2022-10-04T13:51:14Z


    I’m gonna be honest, I’m surprised Cazzu Marzu isn’t on here, personally that for me is another what the fuck with the Virgin boy eggs that I would never eat

    Chapter 36.5 - Let's Buy the Land And Cultivate in Different World · 2022-10-04T13:50:47Z