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    Colby Cruz

    What a jerk. Clearly she explained her values are difeerebt from his and yet he practically raped her

    Chapter 1 - Offense and Defense in Daites · 2022-10-07T19:23:33Z

    ZECTCustomUnit .

    Nah…Akame Ga Kill was two things…



    Chapter 139.5 - Attack on Titan · 2022-10-07T19:22:48Z


    Same. My first reaction at the end of the chapter was: "Oooh, they sooo gonna be friends..."

    Chapter 26 - Helmut: The Forsaken Child · 2022-10-07T19:22:38Z


    Love this; binged it in a couple days.

    Been ages since I've wanted a bastard to suffer like I do that House Secretary.

    And I'm stoked to see when the smoking gun of that first save point pays off in the farther future.

    Chapter 54 - Murim RPG Simulation · 2022-10-07T19:20:33Z

    wildflower bunny

    lmaooo she hates him so he didnt get any purifying power thats hilarious and serves him right!

    Chapter 41 - The Strongest Characters in the World Are Obsessed With Me · 2022-10-07T19:20:02Z


    Hey i thought you're dead or is it genjujtsu

    Chapter 101 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-10-07T19:19:32Z


    and that somebody have the surname of "Peng" right?

    Chapter 7 - Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun · 2022-10-07T19:14:34Z