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    Ok, and what part in the novel is this part??

    Chapter 44: The Best - Magi Craft Meister · 2022-10-04T12:15:20Z


    cuz with the money you can live well enough till you're old

    Chapter 2 - I Obtained a Mythic Item · 2022-10-04T12:13:34Z


    It's the best manhua out there

    Chapter 205 - Apotheosis · 2022-10-04T12:11:45Z


    lol whats he talking about, detecting bullshit is cool

    Darwin's Game - Chapter 15 : game#15 - MangaKatana · 2022-10-04T12:11:42Z


    at the time magicians were treated as a buff vending machine, so I don't blame him, playing support is not something everyone wants to do

    Chapter 1 - I Obtained a Mythic Item · 2022-10-04T12:06:31Z


    .. i binged for 2 days and i cant accept that it will end soon.

    Chapter 84 - My Dearest Self with Malice Aforethought · 2022-10-04T12:05:15Z


    What about the battle between the beetles for the big tree? Did they fight or is it just assumed they fought?
    Also gotta love the little bug, he thought he'd found an "interesting" book. Lol

    Chapter 6 - The Useless Tamer Will Turn into the Top Unconsciously by My Previous Life Knowledge · 2022-10-04T12:04:25Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Nah just plough through
    Embrace battle
    Become battle junkie
    Only fight those who wishes to fight

    Chapter 26 - Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later · 2022-10-04T12:04:00Z


    the repeated page tricked me XD i thought it was a double page upload but it was part o it XD hahaha XD

    Chapter 112 - Sousei no Onmyouji · 2022-10-04T12:03:39Z