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    Or that his 'luck' is but the influence from others effort to topple the system, which is much better.

    Chapter 60 - The Only Necromancer · 2022-09-29T11:31:29Z


    kekw. Fun Chapter. Want to see more of Jay and Shelly, haven't seen much of them in a while.

    Chapter 412 - Wind Breaker · 2022-09-29T11:30:41Z


    Perfect distraction tactic, Flashing of Bountiful Boobs

    Shinju no Nectar - Chapter 14 : Shiera of the Nereids - MangaKatana · 2022-09-29T11:29:12Z

    Fudo Kazuki

    Should i wait for multiple chapter to be released to get one complete chapter instead of 50% art 30% story and 20% free space?

    Chapter 57 - A Way to Protect the Lovable You · 2022-09-29T11:28:28Z


    welp. at least its not getting axed.. so its ok.. i can wait..

    Chapter 20 - My Companion Is the Strongest Undead in Another World · 2022-09-29T11:28:28Z


    Put more effort into choosing a nickname pls lol

    Chapter 11 - The Newbie is Too Strong · 2022-09-29T11:28:15Z

    Gray Raven Squad

    No say was officially translated..that mean this will still have English translation, but usually officiall translation took a bit longer to update rather than unofficial one
    . example: one piece, officiall translation come out after a week after chapter release, while unofficial one just took 4-5 day

    Chapter 120 - Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! · 2022-09-29T11:24:04Z


    ..... how strong actually her shoulder muscle ?

    Chapter 135 - Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san · 2022-09-29T11:23:24Z