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    boring way to nerf him. They used the "Im really strong but bleed internally when using my powers" nerf.

    Chapter 43 - The Challenger · 2022-06-25T19:32:28Z


    Cute, just like the other smoking couple, Sasaki-san and Yamada-san.

    Chapter 1: ○○na Maid-san - ○○na Maid-san · 2022-06-25T19:32:17Z


    I get he wants to challenge the strong but I mean chill dude no need to rush.

    Chapter 199 - Eleceed · 2022-06-25T19:31:41Z


    Who is the Cylon? It could be him or her or that person over there. Heck it could even be me. Just kidding. I think, wait is it me?

    Chapter 84: Slave, Have a Good Chance - Dorei Tensei: Sono Dorei, Saikyou no Moto Ouji ni Tsuki · 2022-06-25T19:31:04Z


    indeed, anything beyond decade are not as interesting to watch

    Chapter 1: One-shot [END] - Kamen Rider Decade · 2022-06-25T19:30:40Z

    kili sloe

    How would you know how someone who trained 30k years would act like lmao. You either get a perv, straight lace person, too serious of a person, a crazy person etc. The way he would've turned out could've been anything/way.
    first picture maybe he's just too pure. It's a common decency thing that Japanese people follow. Nothing wrong with that
    The second picture is him seeing other returners for the first time he's more warry since he doesn't know how strong the others will be.
    The third one. Same as the second but a comedic Moment. He's not really scared. This is a very common thing in manga, anime etc

    Chapter 2 - A Hero Trained by the Most Evil Demon King is Unrivaled in the Academy of Returnees from Another World · 2022-06-25T19:28:44Z


    Well there could be an entire 5 volumes out in Japan and we wouldn't know until it is translated.

    Chapter 14 - My Companion Is the Strongest Undead in Another World · 2022-06-25T19:28:35Z

    fazal karim

    huh???????? is it just me or the story is a mess

    Chapter 53 - Return of the Legend · 2022-06-25T19:20:54Z