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    Chapter 52 - The Return of the Crazy Demon · 2022-07-01T09:53:37Z


    why do i hear boss music?

    (you know which one)

    Chapter 32 - The Hero Returns · 2022-07-01T09:53:24Z


    What kind of fuckin carrots can be grown from carrots top?

    If you do that, sure it will sprout leaves and become a plant eventually.... but the carrot won't regrown. Nor the plants will bear carrots.

    Chapter 3 - A Gal’s Guide To Budget Living for an Otaku · 2022-07-01T09:51:09Z

    Tj Hale

    the bitch came back the very next day o the bitch came back, thought she was a gonner but the bitch came back she couldnt stay awaaaaay.

    Chapter 8 - The Beast Tamer Was Fired From His Childhood Friends' S-Rank Party · 2022-07-01T09:49:39Z


    Sir, that's some good reference for art

    Chapter 22 - The Newbie is Too Strong · 2022-07-01T09:49:18Z

    Tj Hale

    stfu guild master, i didnt even get 2 pages in before i just had to comment. who knew the guild was all for illegal slave trading. not the legal kind where someone commited a crime or sold themselves into slavery, the illegal kind where against their will they were enslaved. also the dickweed looking like a bandit bottom boy. gtfo guildmaster how about you spend the next month with the elf girl in at least a 1 meter proximity of you at all time. THEN we can have this convo after you die from this very fucking deadly curse you just want to let kill innocent people including the one cursed. fucking retard.

    Chapter 8 - The Beast Tamer Was Fired From His Childhood Friends' S-Rank Party · 2022-07-01T09:47:39Z


    That’s right Nagisa set your priorities straight..


    Chapter 20: Your Special Someone - Shounen wo Kau · 2022-07-01T09:45:51Z


    And this trash is unrecyclable nor is is it reusable in the slightest so even as a last resort tgis thing doesn't even qualify

    Chapter 68 - The Strongest Magical Swordsman Ever Reborn as an F-Rank Adventurer. · 2022-07-01T09:43:50Z

    Zor-Nigga ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This was originally a light novel. The light novel for this was created much earlier than that of solo leveling. You can even see the similarities. This was the first of its kind and solo leveling just made it popular because of the art.

    Seoul Station's Necromancer · 2022-07-01T09:41:05Z


    Wtf his mother almost died and he let those bastard got off easily what a d*ck

    Chapter 5 - Return of the Legendary Spear Knight · 2022-07-01T09:40:33Z