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    Sang N

    " Ah... He Did!"

    What a clean oh shit moment kek

    Chapter 24 - Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun · 2022-10-07T14:53:43Z

    Death seeker

    That's good and all but let's not get distracted by the real masterpiece that dropped today, one piece chapter 1062

    Chapter 123: Walking into a trap (2) - Nano Machine · 2022-10-07T14:53:14Z

    Universe Hopper

    Yeah, that's true but that child is also extremely untrusting + what if he thinks MC is just manipulating him in his time of need(considering all he knows about him). The child needs to clear his mind,but it's also true that he needs immediate help.
    One side he is untrusting but on the other he craves affection and company. That's why the last pannel.

    Chapter 110 - Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-for-Nothing · 2022-10-07T14:52:11Z

    Just a MudaMan with RoadRoller

    The US Military would be able beat everyone except Gojo or maybe they can deal with him using poisons and bio-weapons

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T14:51:42Z


    0/100, didn't finish at chapter 100.

    100 - Handred - MangaKatana · 2022-10-07T14:51:07Z

    Start End

    yeah... just try to kill them all...and luffy friends will be added more....khishishishishi

    Chapter 1062: Adventure in the Land of Science - One Piece · 2022-10-07T14:49:48Z

    Just a MudaMan with RoadRoller

    Reminds me of Fire Punch l. Although I don't think they can contain Gojo

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T14:49:40Z

    Sang N

    Sword? Just punch to save budget and time for drawing kek

    Chapter 23 - Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun · 2022-10-07T14:48:55Z


    So he meet this guy and things not go as good at they look? How can it be!

    Auto Hunting With My Clones · 2022-10-07T14:47:12Z

    Joseph Joestar

    I’m loving this matchup already, Ippo’s violent and rough style versus someone who uses their brain and sly tactics to win.

    Hajime no Ippo - Chapter 44 v2 : A Weak Champion - MangaKatana · 2022-10-07T14:46:44Z

    Sang N

    MC is the youngest? Huh no new jr entering huh

    Chapter 22 - Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun · 2022-10-07T14:46:12Z

    Eloy Canto

    Ahhh the nice reminicense of when the gringos and the brittish invaded Japan with fire weapons and war ships trampling over their culture, raping girls and killing civilians, good times.

    Chapter 4 - Weed Reincarnation ~ Carefully Raised in the Elf Village ~ · 2022-10-07T14:45:57Z