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    wildflower bunny

    who says dahlia is a new addition? isnt it just as likely she was simply killed before the game started and it wasnt deemed necessary to mention? lol

    Chapter 2 - The Strongest Characters in the World Are Obsessed With Me · 2022-10-07T16:49:49Z

    Dragon Claw

    Even sawamura knows it. Everyone makes error-but you guys won't try to accept that and get mad at the player. Go Sawamuraaaa

    Chapter 234: THe Ideal Ace - Daiya no A - Act II · 2022-10-07T16:49:34Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Holy sh*t I got hit by a Ballistic Missile of FEELS

    Chapter 85 - Just for a Meowment · 2022-10-07T16:48:44Z

    Connor Jones

    And what does she expect the monsters to do if they aren't drawn towards her and, by extension, the enormous, heavily armed gun-tower?

    Chapter 43 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T16:45:59Z


    I remembered it, past me!
    Tsuihou no Kenja, Sekai wo Shiru ~Osanajimi Yuusha no Atsuryoku kara Nigete Jiyuu ni Natta Ore~
    Don't think it's on MK though. I've bookmarked it for us over at MD!

    A Sword Master Childhood Friend Power Harassed Me Harshly, So I Broke Off Our Relationship And Make A Fresh Start At The Frontier As A Magic Swordsman. · 2022-10-07T16:45:12Z


    When the teacher is away, the students will play~

    Chapter 218 - Cultivator Against Hero Society · 2022-10-07T16:43:31Z

    Dito Destoni

    ... or love interest? I'm getting some stalker tsundere vibes from him and mc hasn't shown any definite preferences.
    I don't want to jinx it ... or do I?

    Chapter 26 - Helmut: The Forsaken Child · 2022-10-07T16:41:21Z

    Death seeker

    Probably everyone saw this coming but still coil

    Chapter 61 - The Only Necromancer · 2022-10-07T16:40:21Z

    gambling mob-ster

    for f sake show as a clear view of him
    and righty is coming back
    so glad

    Chapter 61 - The Only Necromancer · 2022-10-07T16:38:58Z