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    The one and only

    How about you just f off from this comment section with that

    Chapter 123: Walking into a trap (2) - Nano Machine · 2022-10-07T15:20:30Z

    The one and only

    I get you point but I'm saying in almost every series like this, even the ones where they have the power for change, the author writes them to always jump to that conclusion

    Chapter 43 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T15:19:54Z


    Well, from her point of view I can kind of see why she made that decision.
    She is weak and can't do anything by herself, but she is still the reason why one of the biggest threats known to man is in her homeland.
    I thinks it's not too far-fetched in that situation to think that dying is the best way to deal with that

    Chapter 43 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T15:17:33Z


    all this political feud only make this sect weaker while the 6 schools something continue to grow stronger

    Chapter 123: Walking into a trap (2) - Nano Machine · 2022-10-07T15:16:36Z


    Well, he still needs to get free after all. It doesn't look like Kenjaku told them that. And I doubt he actually wants them to get their way. It's probably another distraction from what he really wants.

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T15:15:08Z


    And its not just GoT too, It works on everything It's a special ability of mine that absolutely dumbfounds everyone who sees me do it. Man of culture? more like fucking metal detector to horni

    Chapter 2640: Dragon Breath - Martial Peak · 2022-10-07T15:13:21Z

    ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴀᴛᴏᴍɪᴄ

    After Venom, we're going to have Spider-Man vs Lizard?

    Chapter 369: Many Years - Boku no Hero Academia · 2022-10-07T15:12:52Z

    Elroid Tiereon

    I honestly did not see her turning like that xD
    Had a good laugh for all the crying explosions!!

    But yeah, it makes sense for someone who killed her motions to have a hard time keeping them in check !!!
    Like a broken dam!!

    Chapter 32: Your prayer is god's prayer - Kimi wa Meido-sama · 2022-10-07T15:11:47Z


    That is literally a lifetime of tears she has to go through

    Chapter 32: Your prayer is god's prayer - Kimi wa Meido-sama · 2022-10-07T15:11:21Z

    Pradipta Surya Pangestu

    I am sorry... I am not a savior nor a hero... I cant held these hands long gone .. cant pull back the soul that left... I cant cure your ails nor ease your pain... I am so sorry... I am so sorry... All i can do... Is write this down... So you may be remembered a little longer... Just a little more... In hope the next... Will remember you... Just a little bit...

    Chapter 5: Moving - Usuzumi no Hate · 2022-10-07T15:11:07Z