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    -Still A Loner Man-

    as expected, the bigger the muscle the smaller the brains

    Chapter 2 - Wild West Murim · 2022-10-07T08:52:52Z


    Damn I never expected to see that side of the Sect Leader.... he was really hurt

    Chapter 143 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2022-10-07T08:52:30Z


    Oooohh, he finally unsheathed his sword for the first time in 1000 years

    Chapter 15 - Chronicles of a Returner · 2022-10-07T08:52:15Z


    I be like noona give me some food "puppy dog eyes" lol

    Chapter 58 - Beware of the Villainess! · 2022-10-07T08:51:43Z

    Miguel Tracey

    I'll take that and here's an upvote as payment

    Chapter 127 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2022-10-07T08:51:11Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Ohhh mmyyy gaawwwddd
    Hes soo adorable


    Wait... why did the reaper appear in the kids appearance back then... one hell of a foreshadowing plot of a potential future character
    And here he is
    Awww but hes sick... SPOIL HIM ( ^ v ^ )

    Chapter 66 - Just for a Meowment · 2022-10-07T08:50:29Z


    no it's just this particular one, koreans are obsessed with all kinds of meat, most especially chicken

    Chapter 66 - The Greatest Estate Designer · 2022-10-07T08:50:27Z

    -Still A Loner Man-

    was kinda expecting some kind of shoot-out, or that traditional back faced againsts each other.

    Chapter 1 - Wild West Murim · 2022-10-07T08:50:07Z

    Grandmaster U. Yi

    don't be. You're not at fault for reading pirated scans when you don't have money nor the language buff to pay and read the raws.

    but do be. You still made the decision to read pirated materials on this site. xD

    I don't feel bad though.

    Chapter 50 - Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint · 2022-10-07T08:50:00Z


    shit it was the assassin but still maaaaaaaaan sad.

    Chapter 141 - All Hail the Sect Leader · 2022-10-07T08:49:01Z


    Oh god, did you forget how your last part-time job went?

    Chapter 132: Episode 125 - Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell · 2022-10-07T08:48:21Z