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    Holy Loli

    that's show how close they're with the duke

    Chapter 4 - Another Typical Fantasy Romance · 2022-10-07T10:19:15Z


    Well the mysteries unveiled is the goal
    Who is she?
    Why did yena send her to him?
    Who is yena?
    What problem is she face rn?
    When will yena live together with them?

    Once it all answered and solved, well...

    The end

    Chapter 20 - My Daughter Is a Dragon! · 2022-10-07T10:19:10Z

    Dragon Claw

    Their team is so stupid that they are actually beating miyuki in mindgame lol.

    Chapter 207: Bang - Daiya no A - Act II · 2022-10-07T10:17:16Z


    Is that fire at the center also an artifact

    Chapter 49 - Ranker Who Lives A Second Time · 2022-10-07T10:16:23Z

    Seign Light

    damn shit, Jujutsu Kaisen upping up the bar for plot level for shounen manga XD

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T10:16:11Z


    Why is no one talking about what Zoro wants from Vegapunk. It's funny Punk 01 assumed the strawhats are very calculated pirates.. when in fact they are just very naive and carefree. But he wasn't wrong about Zoro tho.. he was able to cut Kaido, cutting all those sea beast will be easy for him. Also, is Punk 01 wear the same helmet as Guy Manuel of Daft Punk. I really hope Thomas Bagalter's helmet makes it into the cut as well!

    Overall this is great! Now Vegapunk is going to be, somewhat, an ally because the world gov has turned against him. We might be able to see Kuma regain his consciousness back.

    Chapter 1062: Adventure in the Land of Science - One Piece · 2022-10-07T10:15:32Z


    I wont be surprised if Oda pulled a chopper on it 😂😂😂😂 just like the sword that turned into an elephant and chopper being just a "pet" in the world's eyes

    Chapter 1062: Adventure in the Land of Science - One Piece · 2022-10-07T10:15:18Z


    Bot please add "Super Evolution", "Reincarnated Escort Warrior", "My Path to Killing Gods in Another World" and "Carnivorous Hunter"
    Many thanks in advance, besto friendo! („• ᴗ •„)

    Archmage Transcending Through Regression · 2022-10-07T10:14:52Z


    oooooooh Lucci vs luffy and kaku VS Zoro rematches let's goooo

    Chapter 1062: Adventure in the Land of Science - One Piece · 2022-10-07T10:13:37Z


    Some people doesnt repent until buried six feet under

    Chapter 19 - My Daughter Is a Dragon! · 2022-10-07T10:13:27Z


    Nice to see another Arknights fan. Rosmontis is best girl though.

    Futsuu ni Naritai - Chapter 22 - MangaKatana · 2022-10-07T10:12:56Z