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    yea its only sexy if u are a good looking male lead. anyone else would be bad

    Chapter 103 - Miss Not-So Sidekick · 2022-10-07T15:38:24Z


    those 6 months served as his base, but as Ryu said, he lacked a focus on that training, he lacked a proper teacher, since yami barely only introduced him the concept of Ki but didnt train him on it, here he is getting what he lacked, learning the application of what he's building up since 300+ chapters ago

    Chapter 340: Opening - Black Clover · 2022-10-07T15:38:07Z


    Sounds like something Homelander would do

    Chapter 32 - +99 Wooden Stick · 2022-10-07T15:37:20Z


    no revenge? Finally, I was getting tired of the same tragedy happening over and over again to these murim MC's. Thanks for da review

    Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun · 2022-10-07T15:36:17Z


    probably has to do with Yami, since Asta follows Yami's philosophy, like their "Right here, right now, surpass your limits" and not giving up easily, and Asta is an example of those to the utmost degree, specially if you consider that from info given, she is one of the strongest people in their country and maybe could be stronger than yami

    Chapter 340: Opening - Black Clover · 2022-10-07T15:36:06Z

    Calliope Rustichel

    What is this? Voldemoldie? Tom ridder??

    Chapter 1 - The Live · 2022-10-07T15:35:57Z


    NO MY PRECIOUS MC CANT LOSE EVER FOR ANY REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 11 - Helmut: The Forsaken Child · 2022-10-07T15:35:54Z


    I'm hoping you're trolling

    Chapter 7 - Wild West Murim · 2022-10-07T15:35:26Z


    Like I don't understand how these politicians think inside their minds, because if they continue to do this all the while knowing that their is an impending danger that can annihilate them and they will all die, but have the choice of banding together on a common enemy, Then do their 'political' problems. Like why must they make this harder for them? I don't understand how the world thinks. :D

    Chapter 123: Walking into a trap (2) - Nano Machine · 2022-10-07T15:34:37Z


    Their is another one, the strongest in the 4

    Chapter 218 - Cultivator Against Hero Society · 2022-10-07T15:34:03Z

    Al Nyan

    A frickin awesome manhwa with COOL art and great story to go along with. It has good sense of comedy. and most of all it's not revenge manga eeey xD

    Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun · 2022-10-07T15:31:45Z


    Gay people having hot gay sex (jk) it's just a genre for romance between men

    Chapter 44 - Into the Light Once Again · 2022-10-07T15:31:37Z


    I still don't understand this plothole. Can't jinwoo be a reawakened hunter while simultaneously being a false ranker meaning the reevaluation could have been faked?

    Chapter 34 - Solo Leveling · 2022-10-07T15:31:31Z