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    But during the fight with lucifero asta completely removes his magic think of he master that like domain expansion

    Chapter 340: Opening - Black Clover · 2022-10-07T20:08:28Z

    typeOU et co

    No? They would just stay in Africa. And it's not like she was living in the middle of nowhere, the ants attacking her meant attacking her hospital/residential building/wherever she is

    Chapter 43 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T20:07:04Z

    typeOU et co

    I think the implication is that it's not just her room, it's their room

    Chapter 43 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T20:06:07Z

    Just cute 😍✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You don't need to quit, I would be his biggest fan

    Chapter 32 - +99 Wooden Stick · 2022-10-07T20:04:37Z


    Gosh! You're really stubborn..but it's your choice so fine, just don't make others accept it..

    Chapter 53 - A Way to Protect the Lovable You · 2022-10-07T20:04:02Z


    just realized that 2nd user's quirk is kinda similar to inko midoriya's quirk

    Chapter 369: Many Years - Boku no Hero Academia · 2022-10-07T20:00:49Z


    "I plead the 5th" lmfaoo someone is an american-born god loll

    Chapter 16 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T19:59:23Z


    Feels like this show had been dragged for too long and it had became repetitive and the charm of the main character had been decreased by significant margin, Now the MC are just a complete fool and its not even entertaining anymore.

    tbh for personal opinion if the author ended the manga with Ai the childhood friend ending it wouldn't be so bad, The premises of this manga for the earlier arc were very enjoyable to read and to end it with the down to earth childhood friend love classic before the story turns to rot would be nice. Maybe i was saying this because this manga for the later part had became so unexciting and boring and repetitive and the mc lost its charm.

    Chapter 114: So That’s How It Is...! - The Cuckoo's Fiancee · 2022-10-07T19:54:57Z