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    just realized that 2nd user's quirk is kinda similar to inko midoriya's quirk

    Chapter 369: Many Years - Boku no Hero Academia · 2022-10-07T20:00:49Z


    "I plead the 5th" lmfaoo someone is an american-born god loll

    Chapter 16 - Is this Hunter for Real? · 2022-10-07T19:59:23Z


    Feels like this show had been dragged for too long and it had became repetitive and the charm of the main character had been decreased by significant margin, Now the MC are just a complete fool and its not even entertaining anymore.

    tbh for personal opinion if the author ended the manga with Ai the childhood friend ending it wouldn't be so bad, The premises of this manga for the earlier arc were very enjoyable to read and to end it with the down to earth childhood friend love classic before the story turns to rot would be nice. Maybe i was saying this because this manga for the later part had became so unexciting and boring and repetitive and the mc lost its charm.

    Chapter 114: So That’s How It Is...! - The Cuckoo's Fiancee · 2022-10-07T19:54:57Z

    Tau Ceti

    there is always one of these isn't there. Does he want to seize power? or does he want to end her suffering. I hope this is not some sort of power hungry idiot who uses people cause that's just boring.

    Chapter 54 - The Wrong Way to use Healing Magic · 2022-10-07T19:53:42Z


    these are the types of ppl that find the word suicide offensive

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T19:53:17Z


    Ok so now we wait and yeah jujutsu kaisen is now going through democracy

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T19:52:45Z


    Every ... no not every but most MC are like that
    but you know what happens they dont die why cuz of two very basic concepts
    1. He or She is the main character hence MC
    2. A thing called plot armor

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T19:51:57Z

    Tau Ceti

    that depends if you were brain dead. To say "same person" is a difficult thing since if you still have the same sets of memories and you have no inconsistencies, as far as you're concerned you're the same. So either it is akin to copying all files in a computer and migrating it to a new one, or if even two computers have the same set of information, they are still distinct individuals that are separate but the same.

    Chapter 42 - Souzai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki · 2022-10-07T19:45:54Z


    dude chill ill tell ya hes a bot and the upvotes are also bots fucking idiots that will do what they are told that or he has 300 accounts

    Chapter 200: Direct Negotiations① - Jujutsu Kaisen · 2022-10-07T19:45:11Z