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    This is such an anachronistic series ... I wasn't sure at first but dang it's compelling

    Chapter 9 - The Guild Official With The Out-of-the-Way Skill “Shadowy” Is, In Fact, The Legendary Assassin · 2021-09-23T22:48:02Z

    Ai Ni Hito

    Shit! I AM Love.

    Drawing a doujin, print it with confident and not sell at all.
    I still have them in my closet. lol
    Mine is not lewd tho.

    Chapter 67: I'm Not Asking About Quality - Song of the Night Walkers · 2021-09-23T22:46:21Z

    Grandmaster U. Yi

    Good thing the minors don't read this...

    They eat it.

    Chapter 85 - Murim Login · 2021-09-23T22:40:25Z


    Nobu...Nobunaga...can you Not almost get your Favourite Chef Killed for FIVE MINUTES XD

    Nobunaga no Chef - Chapter 80 - MangaKatana · 2021-09-23T22:34:32Z

    Woomy Nation

    They might have had a chance of they threatened to break his precious bike, but he has no such weaknesses here

    Chapter 336: [Part 3] Ep.86 - Wind Breaker · 2021-09-23T22:32:23Z

    sloth kelevra as far as I have read the mc has not received education from any teacher all he has received was some advice from some elders he met on some of his travels.

    Chapter 926: Look for a master? - Martial Peak · 2021-09-23T22:29:02Z