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    They Fr needed a way to do the whole “everyone else is doing their best and i can’t do anything :(“ - the person who can infinitely revive himself and others

    Chapter 22: It's Father! - Cheat skill "shisha sosei" ga kakusei shite inishieno maougun wo fukkatsu sasete shimaimashita ~dare mo shinasenai saikyou hiiro~ · 2022-12-09T12:31:01Z

    gambling mob-ster

    im so satisfied every time i open this is it a .1 or a whole chap
    it has so many pages unlike other siries
    and i can imerse myself in the story
    in literly any other story im there for 1 min and thats all
    and the art is still way t good

    Chapter 54 - Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita~ · 2022-12-09T12:28:35Z

    Dat Folk

    that's a way straight to damnation lol

    Chapter 36 - Return of the SSS-Class Ranker · 2022-12-09T12:26:11Z


    MC is probably declared as a permanent coma patient at some hospital in the other world by now

    Chapter 134 - Murim Login · 2022-12-09T12:25:38Z

    Dat Folk

    and don't forget, can be pardoned with social work and stuff or whatever it's called

    Chapter 36 - Return of the SSS-Class Ranker · 2022-12-09T12:25:19Z


    Looking forward to when hollywoof makes an awful adaptation of this!

    Chapter 21 - KILLER SHARK IN ANOTHER WORLD · 2022-12-09T12:24:41Z