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    Right? He justw fought a fckn snake. And he is a pharmacist. How the fuck he didnt think thatw snake could ve venomous?

    Chapter 26 - The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy · 2021-11-27T19:59:46Z


    She pointed more or less, but that man was very dense or maybe carefree?
    All that remains is to say it directly "I have reincarnated".

    Chapter 3 - Midori no Mahou to Kaori no Tsukaite · 2021-11-27T19:59:39Z


    So he is a badass, thank God. Now all he need to do is find out who the mother fuckers who hurt Reszurre are and he can do Gods work and send them to hell

    Chapter 26 - The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy · 2021-11-27T19:57:13Z


    Bro mc is so pathetic and weak its a fucking pigeon u weak bitch https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 47 - Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married! · 2021-11-27T19:52:14Z


    I thank you for sharing this masterpeice of an art work :D

    Chapter 48 - Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married! · 2021-11-27T19:51:25Z


    I got spoiled and I can't wait for the Nurse character to come in this series.

    Chapter 2: 50%&50% - Iroha Ni ho ERO · 2021-11-27T19:49:47Z


    Didn’t the tank get no xp because he murdered a player in his group?

    Chapter 44 - Please Have a Meal! · 2021-11-27T19:49:11Z

    A fuckin weeb

    My dear lord rape,ntr,fuckin disgusting monsters,a woman fucked with a damn goat head monster,I'm fuckin shaking from the cheer disturbance of this shit but i can't fuckin stop reading

    Berserk - Chapter 0.7: The Guardians of Desire (5) - MangaKatana · 2021-11-27T19:49:00Z

    A fuckin weeb

    Oh my god I'm disturbed to the core since i forget to read these few chapters and I'm already 36 chpts in and know who Griffith is

    Berserk - Chapter 0.7: The Guardians of Desire (5) - MangaKatana · 2021-11-27T19:46:53Z

    Neko Majin C

    This chapter brought to you by Nintendo Switch.

    Chapter 171 - Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi · 2021-11-27T19:44:31Z

    Neko Majin C

    I could be wrong, but I think she is already married to Nishikata and they have a daughter named Chi-chan.

    Chapter 171 - Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi · 2021-11-27T19:43:57Z


    no i am saying the dude just pathetic read the manga because everything he said was fact
    and you should i mean it isn't bad

    Real no Heroine wa Irimasen! · 2021-11-27T19:43:48Z