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    Leonardo Cornejo Bernal

    TBH seeing that dino bitch getting beaten feels good, even if it is by the morally questionable narcissist.

    Chapter 106: "Unsightly Reptile" - Killing Bites · 2023-01-28T03:32:56Z


    Other way around my man if you think about the timeline it was dark because a child that is still actively going to school that probably suffered 9 years without a father had her only family vanish without anyone. now what would you do if you were nine I'll tell you what I would. I would stay in my room waiting looking at the ceiling letting my imagination go wild until I feal hungry then I would go to the kitchen and search the fridge only to the horror of my stomach not find anything edible - 9 year old standard - and then wait In the kitchen too hungry to think much but when will mother return and then remember that maybe I should go outside and see what can I find shit happens and while I'm searching under the vending machine an emo guy told me he was a vampire and that's when my life turned around
    There you go a short story

    Chapter 21: I'm Sure She's Just Trying to Get Under my Skin! - Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude · 2023-01-28T03:28:59Z

    Leonardo Cornejo Bernal

    And I find that bothersome because shippers are bothersome.

    Chapter 178 - Onepunch-Man · 2023-01-28T03:28:03Z


    Can't wait for the people to react to the B-plot actually being the main plot for the first 'arc'

    Chapter 63: All-Encompassing Magical Encyclopedia - Handyman Saitou In Another World · 2023-01-28T03:23:03Z


    Not an easy job for Kyouka and Tenka for investigating the Onmyou Agency for now.

    Chapter 100: The Elite Soldiers of Mato - Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops · 2023-01-28T03:22:48Z

    Elroid Tiereon

    It's a bloody shame it got axed... and in such a bad way too. It didn't even leave with something as cliffhanger, it just... stops.

    I might try the light novel if I ever see it on bookwalker.

    Chapter 40.2: (Part two) [END] - The Adventurers That Don't Believe in Humanity Will Save the World · 2023-01-28T03:20:53Z


    Is this gonna be the 'akame ga kill' moment, i wonder who's gonna die if it is

    Chapter 100: The Elite Soldiers of Mato - Slave of the Magic Capital's Elite Troops · 2023-01-28T03:19:09Z

    Paaru Yagami

    Poor guy is in love with the little Hina he met as a kid, and he doesn't know there's 2 of them and one is free while the other has a lover already :)

    Chapter 4: The Birdcage and the Garden - The Rain of Teardrops and Serenade · 2023-01-28T03:18:50Z


    how the hell did a little girl push a grown adult wearing space suit several inches in the air and hit the wall

    Chapter 1: The Logbook - Leviathan (Kuroi Shiro) · 2023-01-28T03:18:48Z


    I hope so too, seeing abused children in fiction always hurts cause it probably has happened but there was no fantasy element to save them from reality

    Chapter 21: I'm Sure She's Just Trying to Get Under my Skin! - Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude · 2023-01-28T03:16:15Z


    Yeah, it seems like it's become more and more MTL.

    Chapter 138 - My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago · 2023-01-28T03:14:51Z


    Because they are
    I think I am bad at remembering small details unless they relate to other info

    Chapter 113: My Love for Him - Boku no Kokoro no Yabai yatsu · 2023-01-28T03:14:49Z