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    I enjoy meditating too.
    i wish i have more time
    to mediate everyday.
    in fact i should do it now
    (ᵕ≀ ̠ᵕ )
    (-, – )…
    _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ …zzzZZZ

    Chapter 12 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-07-27T06:37:19Z


    she can send false information to the opposing side like "She has been taking the poison and doesn't suspect anything."

    Chapter 6 - I’m a Martial Art Villainess, but I’m the Strongest! · 2021-07-27T06:37:07Z


    Plenty of Yuri in this one. I very much appreciate.

    Chapter 9: Sleepover - Anemone is in Heat · 2021-07-27T06:35:14Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Thats one good blessing of an offer. DO IT

    Chapter 95 - Medical Return · 2021-07-27T06:34:03Z


    thats a little sussy innit


    ill go kill myself

    Chapter 269: Sleep Talking - Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu · 2021-07-27T06:33:32Z


    i mean i feal like kissing in highschool at the hight of puberty would incite a reaction if your doing it with someone you dont like.

    Chapter 2: Uenohara Rinko is in Dilemma. - Kiss Me or I'll Die · 2021-07-27T06:32:45Z


    No no no i should be asking that meme
    Da fuq is that XD

    Chapter 64: Gossip - Seduce the Villain's Father · 2021-07-27T06:30:49Z


    If you think Main Girl should know by now she's hella gay or that what the student council president is saying make it really clear that she's so gay but she still don't get it, please remember that we know we're reading a Yuri mango but she doesn't know she's living in one.

    Also assertively asking to stay over your (future) girlfriend house to study ? Nice one, Assertive Sleepy Girl !

    Chapter 8: Studying - Anemone is in Heat · 2021-07-27T06:30:02Z