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    oh, so he came from the future where cellphones aren't common. So he reincarnated and time travelled back into a different body with the memories of both, cool

    Chapter 2: Premonition of Apocalypse - King of Apocalypse · 2021-07-27T06:29:19Z


    Aww~ young Jeanne and Chole playing together.. Soooo cuuute! ^^

    Chapter 31 - Vanitas no Shuki · 2021-07-27T06:29:09Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Forgive me God for im about to burn something again without your consent

    Chapter 94 - Medical Return · 2021-07-27T06:28:49Z


    Of course, if my theory is correct, and you are a Welfare Leech, then voting Biden IS your best interest: He bought YOUR vote with MY money!
    That is the definition of corruption!

    Chapter 2: Unending Nightmare - One Operation Joker · 2021-07-27T06:28:32Z


    probably a bride or something lmao

    Chapter 118 - That Girl Is Not Just Cute · 2021-07-27T06:27:36Z


    Lower taxes, getting to keep more of MY own money. After all, didn't you claim phony concern of my wallet?
    THAT is voting your own best interests. Vs. voting for someone to steal from you to give to everyone else.

    And yes, I'm fully aware how backwards that is, someone LETTING me keep more of MY money that I earned...

    Chapter 2: Unending Nightmare - One Operation Joker · 2021-07-27T06:27:26Z


    okay, say you have known some one for a decade, 10 years not a short amount of time, and their attitude and personality do a 180, wouldn't you be suspicious something is up. I would be suspicious if my loving mother all of a sudden became distant in a single day, or week.

    Chapter 3 - I’m a Martial Art Villainess, but I’m the Strongest! · 2021-07-27T06:25:07Z


    Before reading: Yay! new chapter
    After reading: Great chapter!

    1min later: Fuck! What do I read after BA

    Chapter 12 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-07-27T06:24:02Z


    But.. Aren't they going to say anything ?

    Or are they going to just stay there silently until the train arrives ?

    Oh, they're just gonna stand there silently ?


    Chapter 7 - Don't Blush, Sekime-san! · 2021-07-27T06:22:21Z