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    Lots of mixed comments. What do I believe

    The Lord of Money · 2021-11-27T11:56:34Z


    downvoting your own comment is kinda dumb

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:56:33Z


    I knew someone hurt her!

    Kick him! Punch him! Give him burns!

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:53:38Z


    I love how after all this time, the crater from Saitama's jump is still there. Nice continuity.

    Where is Saitama anyhow?

    Chapter 153 - Onepunch-Man · 2021-11-27T11:53:14Z


    I'm jsut reading this waiting for when he goes, "huh i'm pretty good at this martial arts stuff maybe i should beat up those evil guys"

    Chapter 27 - The Scholar Warrior · 2021-11-27T11:50:47Z


    Oh, that was resolved easier than expected. I thought she was either dead or she was going to be stuck with that guy for numerous chapters but nope.

    Chapter 37 - Ygret · 2021-11-27T11:50:04Z