Yakumo Tatsu


Kuraki Fuzuchi is a quiet young man who has immense psychic powers and sword skills. He later meets Takeo Nanachi, a college student with similar latent powers. The story opens with Nanachi traveling to a small shrine in the mountains for a festival that only occurs every 49 years in order to purify his (now deceased) grandfather’s sword. There he meets Kuraki and later accidentally stumbles upon Kuraki’s initiation ritual as a Shaman. From there on, their lives are inexplicably intertwined as they encounter various ghosts, spirits, demons, and other characters with supernatural powers while the author also provides a parallel running story depicting their previous life.

Won the 21st Kodansha Manga Award for Shoujo in 1997.

22 Chapter(s)
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Chapter 10 - Hino-san no Baka · 2022-05-27T19:43:10Z


idk if he has forsight but i can pee on fire and make it disappear

Chapter 32 - Rescue System · 2022-05-27T19:42:34Z

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Thot slayer - goomoonryong

Season 3 is sh*t compared to this magnificent art. Instead of looking human, season 3 have mathematical shapes as characters

The Breaker - Chapter 54 : 54 - MangaKatana · 2022-05-27T19:41:41Z


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Chapter 30: Episode 30 - Hellbound · 2022-05-27T19:41:23Z

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Chapter 27 - My Daughter is the Final Boss · 2022-05-27T19:38:05Z

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The way hori be drawing his girls is bliss

Chapter 354: Here!! - Boku no Hero Academia · 2022-05-27T19:37:25Z

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My last name lol, also a town here in Texas🙂

Chapter 47 - Spirit Farmer · 2022-05-27T19:35:15Z