Urusai Kurai no Kokuhaku Kudasai


Hayashida, who has a super power with the ability to hear the voice of others’ hearts, dreams of meeting his “person of destiny” who he can not hear their hearts voice. One day, he notices the fact that no voice can be heard from the captain of the soccer club.
“I will definitely meet someone who is my destiny, I will definitely love them.”
While staring at the captain with such a longing feeling in his heart, he feels calm even sitting next to the loud Mori senpai who only thinks about his love for boobs. Sachimo brings a story about uncontrollable love between a Psychic and his school mate.

4 Chapter(s)
Hei Kishimoto

Who... in their right mind, would think to use the DECORATIVE SWORD on the wall for vegetables -_-

Chapter 151 - Cultivation Chat Group · 2022-12-10T04:28:14Z


Hm, looks pretty similar to the manga, Female Knight Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman, just more frisky.
But I wonder if this manga will achieve the same notoriety? Guess, we'll find out in a few months depending on the update rate

Having finished her lifelong revenge, Ms. Dark Elf has too much free time · 2022-12-10T04:26:35Z


never underestimate a fat man. especially one who knows his kung fu, muay tai, jiu jutsu or other mma.

Chapter 7 - Reincarnation of the Murim Clan's Former Ranker · 2022-12-10T04:26:25Z

Som Eone

The date just perfect. Hope nothing ruin it next chapter 🤞

Chapter 102: Ep. 102 - Festival of Harvest (2) - Like Wind on a Dry Branch · 2022-12-10T04:22:08Z

🆂𝐢𝐥𝐯ɇ🆁 Ŧ🅾ɇᴎix

It was his fault then.... soo many people died for taking a fruit & angering a snek!

Chapter 226 - Volcanic Age · 2022-12-10T04:21:23Z

Proxy Account

are those snake hairs?

Why do I feel like another Old One came to the block?

Chapter 27: Spirit Exchange - Gyaru and Cthulhu · 2022-12-10T04:21:04Z


Bro the moment Quilin said "Dragon's dont exist" and this dude popped out, we all knew he was gonna be a dragon

Chapter 80: Episode 80 - The Ember Knight · 2022-12-10T04:15:47Z

Takayuki Furuichi

As an RPG fan, I like how the abilities are explained clearly so power scaling can be done.
NO power of friendship BS
And I like how the side characters are acting.

Chapter 398: Search - Hunter X Hunter · 2022-12-10T04:13:39Z