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    Rafał K

    Yes he need to go. But the problem that the story about MC and that stupid blond hero.

    Chapter 38: Research - Chillin Different World Life Of The EX-Brave Candidate Was Cheat From Lv2 · 2022-12-06T19:30:35Z


    I've been paying attention. They haven't shown the minion.

    Chapter 40: S1 END - Heavenly Sword’s Grand Saga · 2022-12-06T19:29:13Z


    I dont like where this is going. Previous chapter already showed us that Mona is winning even in the earliest chapters. I really like this mango but if it becomes something like nisekoi, i will drop this

    Chapter 71: She in the Batting Cage - My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka · 2022-12-06T19:26:47Z

    Luis Rey

    Regret your life decitions for the rest of your life.

    Chapter 134 - Legend of the Northern Blade · 2022-12-06T19:26:07Z

    Dat Folk

    everything MC's did for them so far is either for his or whimsically doing it just for the sake of it. after all he's been living with the beast for a long long time i doubt he still has his humane moral line like us

    Chapter 80 - Seoul Station Druid · 2022-12-06T19:25:56Z


    Hope i dont get brain rot with the coming arc and reading my girlfriend's friend

    Chapter 71: She in the Batting Cage - My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka · 2022-12-06T19:24:14Z


    Damn! I thought stripey a girl this whole time.

    Chapter 116 - Monster Pet Evolution · 2022-12-06T19:22:19Z


    Best family in this manhwa for me

    Chapter 85: Episode 85 - Build Up · 2022-12-06T19:18:23Z


    The translator is holding the chapters hostage until they get 100 members in their discord? Why?

    Chapter 26: Illusion of Libido - Adamasu no Majotachi · 2022-12-06T19:18:17Z


    Machinegun Rihito the way he won't stop shooting shots
    at least let me get your pussy is nuts though 💀
    https://uploads.disquscdn.c... https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 30 : Union - Kengan Asura · 2022-12-06T19:17:53Z


    Did the tiger seriously grow through a 1000 floors?

    Chapter 418 - The God of High School · 2022-12-06T19:16:07Z