Relentlessly Approaching the Poison-Tongued and Indifferent Beauty to Tickle the Cutesy Reactions out of her

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    Yatarato Sasshi no Ii Ore wa, Dokuzetsu Kuudere Bishoujo no Chiisana Dere mo Minogasazu ni Guigui Iku ; やたらと察しのいい俺は、毒舌クーデレ美少女の小さなデレも見逃さずにぐいぐいいく
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Koyuki Shirogane, a girl known for her beauty and equally harsh tone, giving her the nickname "Venomous Snow White," is saved by Naoya Sasahara as a man tried to hit on her. She may try to act strong, but on the inside, she is merely a young girl. Having been saved by Naoya, Koyuki falls for him, and Naoya on his end falls for Koyuki's innocent and cute attitude. Both fail to be honest with each other, but eventually bring themselves closer to admit their feelings for each other.

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I wish I was moris ESPOIR so I can post fast and godlike memes

Chapter 107: Opening Ceremony - Overgeared (Team Argo) · 2021-12-04T20:41:59Z

Gage Johnson

So barolt is having mc experience but in opposite? Left the main world to go to that weird place and is already op

Chapter 105 - Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World · 2021-12-04T20:39:20Z


The build up and art to convey how op he is was top notch! The hype was just right

Chapter 14 - The Constellation That Returned From Hell · 2021-12-04T20:38:06Z

Degen Crusader

Y must i binge read so much i started this yesterday

Chapter 116 - Knights & Magic · 2021-12-04T20:34:44Z

Dee ham

ok, now that was funny. Sneezing with broken ribs really does hurt like fuck

Chapter 12: Episode 12 - Get Schooled · 2021-12-04T20:30:37Z


dragon slayer at his best. btw thanks for the chapter guys

Chapter 4 - Heavy Object S · 2021-12-04T20:27:32Z