Souya is a sullen salaryman whose days are spent chasing after work deadlines all while still keeping his dream of becoming a manga artist. To him, his one and only support in life is none other than his beloved wife, Yuuka. One day, on his way back home, he was suddenly caught in an accident and before he knew it, an alien had taken hold of his body! Not only that, the evil threat of another alien is closing in on Yuuka too!

Here comes Souya as "Otto-man", his superpowered husband form, as he jumps in to save his dearest wife! Have a taste of his love for wife and this world!

10 Chapter(s)

Ohhh, so bcuz yk didn't pull the trigger himself so it doesn't count as killing him, i see

Chapter 1623: Connection - Martial Peak · 2021-10-25T22:39:47Z

Jim Halpert

Fault can be found further back. Its not YK's fault that they tried to force the family to obey them, really it's his own fault for causing problems in that family.
All that matters is that he didn't kill him as promised.

Chapter 1623: Connection - Martial Peak · 2021-10-25T22:35:31Z


wow the author really just canceled this c tier 15 second read, how could he.

Chapter 548 - Martial Master · 2021-10-25T22:34:31Z


Welcome to the 4koma genre where everything is extremely funny or extremely moe I Think you'll fit in just fine around these parts

Chapter 1: ○○na Maid-san - ○○na Maid-san · 2021-10-25T22:31:41Z

Maya M

10 years, not 27 :) I assume she meant her age was 27, but she went back just 10 years :)

Chapter 10 - Honey, I’m Going On a Strike · 2021-10-25T22:31:20Z


I mean, he's a creep who was trying to come onto her (and, idk, KIDNAPPED HER, even admitting it), so I have no qualms with confiscation~~~.

Chapter 17: Rule Only Work if There’s an Enforcer! - Island Manager · 2021-10-25T22:29:35Z

Introverted Degenerate Weeb

This ain't that popular....... At least from what I've seen

Chapter 25 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-10-25T22:28:00Z