My Crossdressing Senpai

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    Senpai wa Otokonoko ; 前辈是男孩子 ; 先輩はおとこのこ ; 前輩是偽娘 ; รุ่นพี่สุดสวยคนนี้เป็นผู้ชาย ; 선배는 남자아이 ; My Crossdressing Crush
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    Chapter 100, 100.5, 100.6, 100.7
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The story of a crossdresser who receives a confession from a junior.


...cliffhanger why...Why why...why Aaahahahaahahaha dang it I need the next chapter

Chapter 58: The Path To The Strongest - Ragna Crimson · 2022-09-25T01:24:32Z


Didn't mean the character from re:zero i meant the car 🚗

Chapter 30 - Hero Has Returned · 2022-09-25T01:24:20Z

Harry Siestanto

Bruh why the heck did you announce your real name? Now rumors would spread that someone from just faction was messing with unjust faction's internal affairs.

Chapter 67 - Volcanic Age · 2022-09-25T01:18:52Z


This reminds me of the SpongeBob episode where they throw away Mr krabs mattress to get him a new one but it was full of cash and he gets sick because he lost all his money.

Chapter 61 - The Greatest Estate Designer · 2022-09-25T01:14:10Z

Petter Alex

The Demon possesses one of the Beastkin, but then, as he reads the guy's mind in order to find out how he is supposed to behave in order to not get suspicion, he gets infected by the idea 'I want head pats'.

Chapter 28 - Milady Just Wants to Relax · 2022-09-25T01:10:55Z


I didn't expect that group to mistook their objective xD

Chapter 203 - Elqueeness · 2022-09-25T01:07:27Z


… i though undead were immune to ice spells. Of course they can be tied down with them but defeated, no

Chapter 60 - Return of the Legendary Spear Knight · 2022-09-25T01:07:16Z