Majo no Tabitabi: The Journey of Elaina


There is a witch named Elaina. As a freespirited traveler on an adventure to experience the world, she encounters a wide variety of places and people. Sometimes comedic, sometimes fantastical, sometimes a little dark, this is the story of Elaina and her long journey.

20 Chapter(s)

MC keep getting Yamcha-ed by team leader, lol.

Chapter 31 - Genius of the Unique Lineage · 2023-01-30T11:56:21Z

Trein Hertneat

Suzu indeed a trouble
Damm twist here

Chapter 118 - Ayakashi Triangle · 2023-01-30T11:56:09Z

Elroid Tiereon

Boy, old games were shite... oh, I meant, really hard... yes, thats what I meant. Im not salty at all.

Chapter 41: Impossible Game Competition - Kimi to Pico-Pico · 2023-01-30T11:55:17Z

Legin Yrrep

At least her live is better---buuuuuut I don't think you need to be in a rush to be eaten, little one.

You ain't MC.
You still might die when you get older.
My mans ain't straight up evil, but he ain't good either.

It's better than getting Owari no Seraph'd though.
You'd DEFINITELY be dead.
Not at 16. NOW.
Them motherfuckers did not care lmao.

Chapter 22: I Can't Wait for Him to Eat Me! - Please Give Me Your Blood, I Will Serve You in Gratitude · 2023-01-30T11:51:59Z


Bruh these characters are supposed to be from an eroge.. The Nukige type on top of that. With some spice of sword and magic.
You are at the wrong place and the wrong manga if you expect super serious plot twist, super good character backstory, etc2.

Chapter 14 - When I Was Playing Eroge With VR, I Was Reincarnated In A Different World, I Will Enslave All The Beautiful Demon Girls ~Crossout Saber~ · 2023-01-30T11:50:48Z


I just finished reading the first chapter, its a perfect plot for a ntr

Bar Flowers · 2023-01-30T11:49:16Z

Elroid Tiereon

I've gotta say... t

Author really knows how to treat us to CUTE whenever lil Seol-Ah it's on a chapter.

Chapter 62 - My Daughter is the Final Boss · 2023-01-30T11:49:11Z


Because of Michiru, I started liking Nana...

Chapter 46 - Talentless Nana · 2023-01-30T11:47:45Z


Nice description 😶‍🌫️

Bar Flowers · 2023-01-30T11:46:56Z