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    Feels like the translation is a bit different, but it's back

    Chapter 41 - Shaman (Hong Won-Pyo) · 2022-09-24T16:07:29Z


    After 100+ we finnaly got to see Walmart Sasuke

    Chapter 203 - Tales of Demons and Gods · 2022-09-24T16:06:51Z


    Aww man, c'mon now!
    Don't jinx it please 😔
    Just put the spoiler tag 😅

    Chapter 66: Simply Walk the Path You've Chosen - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2022-09-24T16:06:28Z


    if your dick is fuzzy go to a doctor, that's a serious mold

    Chapter 93 - My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago · 2022-09-24T16:05:57Z

    This Ole Sign Guy

    I like the way this Manga is progressing, the hentai has no story line at all. But that's its charm too.

    Chapter 7 - Imaizumin's House is a Place for Gals to Gather · 2022-09-24T16:03:56Z


    Never thought I would see someone say shaytaan in a manhua

    Chapter 26 - I Reincarnated as the Crazed Heir · 2022-09-24T16:01:46Z


    how the fak I'm viewing 5 months old comment now, heck, this updated today for me

    Chapter 151 - Ingoshima · 2022-09-24T16:00:31Z

    William Highlander

    That whole "If you can't fly, walk. If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl, then keep trying to crawl."
    That kinda makes sense, weirdly enough

    Chapter 40 - Worthless Regression · 2022-09-24T16:00:23Z


    Like really? You didnt even tell your subordinate you taught the prince how to fight? And even thou this is a really important place where they are holding the prince, there are no guards on the halway?

    Chapter 16 - The Reincarnated Villainess Doesn't Want Revenge · 2022-09-24T15:58:27Z