Kaidan Is Dead


It's tough being a ghost in the modern era. A group known as "The Seven Wonders" are distressed by the lack of children taking tests of courage to the school that they haunt. Without children who believe in them and perpetuate ghost stories, they will eventually cease to exist! Can they figure out how to instill fear in children, or is the modern world already scary enough?

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Black Hole

Obviously he dosen't, she likes him too and the other way around, however current circumstances are more important because it can risk his life, that's why she called it off, I believe they will come together later again.

Chapter 104 - Mercenary Enrollment · 2022-10-06T01:37:15Z


Usually i hate filler but this feels like its missing filler and just speeding the story along as fast as it can go. Like everything just feels artificial, no emotions developing. Im still reading but its just something i noticed

Chapter 8 - My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person · 2022-10-06T01:36:43Z


hmmm idk bout this revelation
akasaka trying to force a few thing
- like making akane the side caharcter (I think her character are less idk to explain
- aqua character are in shambles, like how he doesn't notice the critical thing when the other does (maybe he is shocked but still)
- and the father revelation like wtf 15? the lala lai half-brother is olde than aqua/ruby how the fuck 15-year younger boy do it?
- im happy ruby got her spotlight and damn it's great.

im sure theres is more to it but
yeah this arc doesnt really click with me
maybe im biased toward aqua character
hope for the better

Chapter 96 - Oshi no Ko · 2022-10-06T01:35:09Z

the sauce giver

are you mobile? I don't usually comment on mobile so that could be the problem

The Ember Knight · 2022-10-06T01:34:08Z

Berkeley Yuen

its mr Yi Feng time to sine again, doctor yi feng

Chapter 157 - Above Ten Thousand People · 2022-10-06T01:33:25Z

Holy Loli

damn it!!! the story is just getting interesting but this series has been axed! WHYYYY??? JUST WHYYYYY??!!

Chapter 60: The Flow of Money [END] - Shadow Queen · 2022-10-06T01:31:38Z


oh! kisaragi station. glad i knew about it from the nameless songs and urasekai picnic

Chapter 13: Trains are not scary - Kaya-chan isn't scary · 2022-10-06T01:31:04Z

Neko Majin C

He smooched Mister Komi, he confessed to Missus Komi, and he hugged Komi-san. What is Tadano going to do to add Little Brother Komi to his harem? Is he going to have to fight his little sister to the death?

Chapter 374: Studying At Home 2 - Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu · 2022-10-06T01:27:58Z