It's Quite Late, but I've Fallen in Love with My Childhood Friend

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    今さらですが、幼なじみを好きになってしまいました ; Có chút muộn màng nhưng tôi đã phải lòng người bạn thuở nhỏ của mình ; Imasara desu ga, Osananajimi o Suki ni Natteshimaimashita ; Es algo tarde, pero me he enamorado de mi amigo de la infancia ; Imasara desu ga, Osananajimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimaimashita ; Nieco Późno, ale Zakochałam się w Moim Przyjacielu z Dzieciństwa ; It's a Little Late, but I've Fallen in Love with My Childhood Friend
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    Chapter 18
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    1 day ago

A manga adaptation of the novel (https://note.com/saranami/) written by Maruto Fumiaki. The artist for this adaptation is Yom, the mangaka of *Ganbare, Douki-chan*.

18 Chapter(s)
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