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    dat big that heavenly pills lol

    Chapter 22 - Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble · 2021-12-04T19:11:41Z


    Have you tried Rinjin-Chan Ga Shinpai? A woman finds an abandoned GOD, takes her in and nurtures her back to health. But the father has not abandoned her, and comes back and form the weirdest family I've seen.

    There's also Taimashi To Akuma-Chan. An exorcist takes in a little demon girl and raises it as his own daughter.

    Or Evil Dragon That Was Sealed Away for 300 Years Became My Friend.

    Sadly, I don't know any more romcoms like this, these are more abandon-rescue Mangas.

    Chapter 15 - My Divorced Crybaby Neighbour · 2021-12-04T19:11:03Z


    Yeah I mean Hiryuu... I want it to be true 😭

    Chapter 217: Tightly closed lid - Akatsuki no Yona · 2021-12-04T19:08:05Z


    only someone from a position of superior power could say that. for a more average person, it would be one of the greatest rewards you could receive due to the fringe benefits of being of a higher station, not to mention said benefits will also be afforded to your decedents.

    Chapter 26 - Shoukan sareta Kenja wa Isekai wo Yuku - Saikyou nano wa Fuyou Zaiko no Item deshita · 2021-12-04T19:07:24Z


    Hak is all shoujo mangas' proud and joy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž

    Chapter 217: Tightly closed lid - Akatsuki no Yona · 2021-12-04T19:07:06Z


    😭😭 I know it sounds interesting that's why I want it to actually happen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

    Chapter 217: Tightly closed lid - Akatsuki no Yona · 2021-12-04T19:06:14Z


    Honestly WTF is wrong with this father... why can't you be a little like a father you jerk

    Chapter 19 - The Time of the Terminally-ill Extra · 2021-12-04T19:05:34Z


    I see you everywhere

    Chapter 2 - MEMORIZE · 2021-12-04T19:02:59Z


    Well let’s just see whats going to happen no use of figuring out whatever is happening

    Chapter 34: Shinozaki Ayaka - The Other World Doesn't Stand A Chance Against The Power Of Instant Death. · 2021-12-04T19:01:18Z


    Rip to the t/n brain cells doing all that translate what a legend

    Ragna Crimson - Chapter 6 - MangaKatana · 2021-12-04T19:01:09Z


    Is that really a spoiler?

    Chapter 2 - MEMORIZE · 2021-12-04T19:01:09Z


    Dude showed up this chapter but he already has my respect for roasting that asshole with facts. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

    Chapter 19 - The Time of the Terminally-ill Extra · 2021-12-04T19:00:15Z


    Break its box! That was a decent looking move though. Killing someone with money has some Martial Arts Reigns vibes.

    Chapter 1743: Falling Golden Coins - Martial Peak · 2021-12-04T18:59:15Z