Dramatic Irony (Fujisaki Ryu)

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    DRAMATIC IRONY藤崎竜短編2 ; DRAMATIC IRONY ―藤崎竜短編集2― ; Dramatic Irony ~Fujisaki Ryuu Short Stories 2~ ; Dramatic Irony ~Fujisaki Ryuu Tanpenshuu 2~
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From Inane scanlation notes:

Dramatic Irony has 4 different short stories. The first short story is Dramatic Irony, the second is Yugamism, the third is Milk Junkies, and the last is the Houshin Engi special.

This is volume 2 of FUJISAKI Ryu's Short Stories.

Volume 1: Worlds
Volume 2: Dramatic Irony

4 Chapter(s)

Wait wait what!! Wasn't this an escort mission

Argate online - Chapter 8 - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T06:25:21Z


Vampires are immortal and unaging. Are they gods?

Chapter 181: Side Story 2 - Solo Leveling · 2023-02-03T06:21:34Z

Grandmaster U. Yi

digimon, digital/virtual monsters.

pokemon, more like fictional monsters in the flesh just like humans.
similar to monster ranchers, or monsters of most fictional worlds.

Chapter 1 - The Newbie is Too Strong · 2023-02-03T06:20:12Z


He's getting bombarded with girls is it a harem

Argate online - Chapter 7 - MangaKatana · 2023-02-03T06:19:38Z

Gure ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

that fcking monster in the early chapters still alive

Chapter 110 - DeepWater · 2023-02-03T06:14:09Z

Mr. JimJam

Chill man he's just stating an opinion if u rlly don't like his comments then don't mind it. At this point ur just wasting ur time commenting shit.

Chapter 20: From Tsun To Dere Dere - Kanojo mo Kanojo · 2023-02-03T06:13:29Z