Syatei Hani

Syatei Hani


1. Shatei Hani (Riflescope)
Having been noticed stealing, Hiiro cannot lose his chasers in the open streets. A strange man his age hides Hiiro by kissing him. The following day at school, Hiiro learns that the boy is a new transfer student to his class named Hasegawa Shizuga. Having stolen Hiiro's first kiss, Hiiro tries everything he can to embarrass Shizuga, before finally resorting to 'other means' in hopes of showing his dominance.

2. Pleasure Zone

3. Toriko
Onoda Kouichi sees honor student Atou in a bookshop accused of shoplifting. The next morning, Atou claims it was a misunderstanding. But, as Onoda points out, even a small misunderstanding will hurt Atou's reputation in school. In return for keeping this secret, Onoda says Atou has to become his slave....

4. The Chigiri (Promise)

5. Agreement

6. Zettai Genshu!
(Also included in Love Drug)
As Morimura Makoto grows more forgetful, his partner Tatsuaki devices a plan to help his problem. Until Makoto can prove that he has learned his lesson and begins to become more organized, Tatsuaki will with hold sex!

6 Chapter(s)