Sekai Saikyou no Kouei: Meikyuukoku no Shinjin Tansakusha


Atobe Arihito is an intense workaholic thanks to his slave-driving boss, the beautiful Igarashi Kyouka. En route to an office vacation though, their bus gets into an accident, killing Arihito instantly.

His soul is transported to the fantasy world of “Labyrinth Country,” where he’s reincarnated as a “dungeon seeker”! Trying to join a guild and pick a job, he’s surprised to run into Kyouka, who also died and has chosen the job of “Valkyrie”! However, he rejects joining her party and decides to become the rare support role of “Rearguard”! But will he be able to find a party in time?

17 Chapter(s)