Mom, Please Don't Come Adventuring with Me! ~The Boy Who Was Raised by the Ultimate Overprotective Dragon, Becomes an Adventurer with His Mother~

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    冒険に、ついてこないでお母さん! 〜 超過保護な最強ドラゴンに育てられた息子、母親同伴で冒険者になる ; Bouken ni, Tsuitekonaide Okaa-san! ~Chouka Hogo na Saikyou Dragon ni Sodaterareta Musuko, Hahaoya Douhan de Boukensha ni Naru~
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    Chapter 12.1, 12.2, 12.3
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The son, tired of his overprotective mother that has a son complex with a huge imagination for misunderstandings for him and will protect him from all.
Tries to go on an adventure but his mother tags along whether he wants it or not.
NOTE: The mother is the strongest person in the country (OP level)

12 Chapter(s)