Isekai Affair ~Ten Years After The Demon King's Subjugation, The Married Former Hero And The Female Warrior Who Lost Her Husband ~

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    Isekai Affair: Ten years after the Demon King's subjugation, the married former hero of Les and a female warrior who lost her husband ; Isekai Furin ~ Maou Toubatsu Kara Juunen, Tsuma To Wa Resu No Moto Yuusha To, Otto Wo Nakushita Onna Senshi ~ ; 異世界不倫~魔王討伐から十年、妻とはレスの元勇者と、夫を亡くした女戦士~
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Yuta Shimabara, who was run over by the truck, reincarnated in a different world as a hero and subdued the Demon King with unrivaled power!
── Ten years later, what he has to show for is a mediocre and hard-working daily life.
However, the forbidden love with the female warrior Lucas, a member of the Demon King Subjugation Party, heats up ...!?

2 Chapter(s)