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    Sauce plez, I hope this is fantasy

    Chapter 114 - Medical Return · 2021-07-27T04:16:20Z

    Short Barrel Raifu

    30 Chaps so far.
    Earlier chapters made my chest burns with emotions
    This series has many bitch slap for the MC

    Sometimes you might feel MC is straightforward annoying/beta/whatever callsign fit your fancy, due to his personality & how his brain works.
    But it's PERFECTLY FINE, if you didn't look away from MC's circumstances & what Author intent to do. (Can't Self-Insert to this MC fellas, too bad if you're used to OP MC like me)

    I'm placing this one on same Bookshelf as Saihate No Paladin, a must read one

    Fushi no Sougishi · 2021-07-27T04:13:57Z

    Kentucky fried Chicken


    Chapter 261: [Season 2] Ep. 78 - Hardcore Leveling Warrior · 2021-07-27T04:11:13Z


    Aahhh, please add ooya-san on reverse ntr'ing ooyama.. that would be lit..

    Chapter 80 - Please Go Home, Akutsu-san! · 2021-07-27T04:10:15Z


    It's the certification people needs to apply jobs if they didn't graduate high school properly

    Chapter 7 - Please Save My Husband · 2021-07-27T04:07:54Z


    Can someone explain if he is from earth or not

    Chapter 56 - The Max Level Hero Has Returned! · 2021-07-27T04:07:38Z


    BTW, "progressive" is just another in a long line of labels, the pushers of bad policies use. Now that they ruined Liberal, they use "progressive". But at best, all "Progressive" policies are progress neutral, and at worst, will reverse progress.
    Shall we start with the Green New Deal?
    Critical Race Theory?
    Defunding the police?
    Increasing Welfare?

    Amnesty for everyone who breaks in, rather than wait in line or STAY OUT?
    The aforementioned Obamacare?
    Which one do you support?

    Chapter 2: Unending Nightmare - One Operation Joker · 2021-07-27T04:07:00Z

    Arthur Leywin

    I, myself, will now drop this series after so long. Author keeps milking the series. And also, what's up with Kazuya always blushing and simping with other girls??? Like dude you have someone you like and you still blushes on someone. Nothing even happened on this chapter lol. Goodbye.

    Chapter 198: The Girlfriend and Paradise (Part 11) - Kanojo, Okarishimasu · 2021-07-27T04:04:33Z