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    Us humans really have this detestable trait. The best of us learned how to curb it, but they're few and far in between.

    Chapter 4 - The Lady Wants to Rest · 2021-07-27T06:08:54Z


    She played a lot of Metal Gear 5, she probably can S rank all the missions.

    Chapter 4 - Don't Blush, Sekime-san! · 2021-07-27T06:08:30Z


    Sachi using him to make her brother jealous makes her pure trash. Go home and maybe talk to someone.

    Chapter 70: What’s With This Mood…? - The Cuckoo's Fiancee · 2021-07-27T06:06:47Z


    This chapter is just filled with cuteness overload ;p

    Chapter 54 - Spirit Farmer · 2021-07-27T06:06:12Z

    Burning Phoenix

    im on 90 something and they confessed im so happy for them

    Chapter 43 - Medical Return · 2021-07-27T06:06:08Z


    I don't know what you're talking about with "vig". And I already said I was mostly not going to respond to you, just the low hanging fruit. Also I said Biden is corrupt, and it's people like you that are responsible for us having Biden.

    Chapter 2: Unending Nightmare - One Operation Joker · 2021-07-27T06:06:03Z

    Burning Phoenix

    Those two love birds are on the same page ( ♡U♡ )

    Chapter 92 - Medical Return · 2021-07-27T06:04:48Z


    why is the tear in space pink? not that pink is wrong its just like when did it happened ?

    Chapter 1347: Destroying The Array - Martial Peak · 2021-07-27T06:04:37Z

    Captain Awesome

    I'm not sure but I think Ice Heart Valley is where Su Yan is. Someone who has read the LN/WN could comment below if it is true.

    Chapter 1312: Are You Going To Fight Or Not - Martial Peak · 2021-07-27T06:04:15Z