One shot Manga (2675)
The Goldfish Osushi

The Goldfish Osushi - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-07-2019 @ 07:32
A fish in love watches out for the object of her affection.
A Normal Girl

A Normal Girl - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-06-2019 @ 04:43
A short story about a girl with a completely normal name.
What Was Lost

What Was Lost - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-06-2019 @ 04:42
A short story about a town where everything that's been lost always returns.
Love Period

Love Period - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-06-2019 @ 03:06
Hinako had always admired and observed this one boy in her class. She admires him so much that she, at the very least, hopes she has something in common with him. Little does she know they're more similar to each other than she thought, for better or for worse.
Please Don't Look, Medusa-san

Please Don't Look, Medusa-san - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-03-2019 @ 06:41
One-shot of a cute girl with snakes for hair.
Futaribocchi no Ever After

Futaribocchi no Ever After - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-03-2019 @ 00:07
Deep in the forest lives a small child and a beautiful man. But what if these two are not at all what they seem to be?
Shounen Houkokusho

Shounen Houkokusho - 1 chapter(s)

Mar-01-2019 @ 01:03
Harumi is living with his lover, Ryouichi, and his son, Shuu. The three of them are having a happy every-day life when someone came to talk about a marriage interview for Harumi?!

This is a oneshot manga that serves as an extra story of the popular novel, “Love Certificate (Renai Shoumeisho),” also written by Sakiya Haruhi with illustrations by the same Machiko Madoka.
15 minutes, watching you, shaking

15 minutes, watching you, shaking - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-28-2019 @ 23:43
Debuted in Seifuku×BL.
An ideal response to little devil-type girls.

An ideal response to little devil-type girls. - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-27-2019 @ 23:59
Just a short manga about how to deal with those pesky "little-devil" type of girls.
A Cliche Story with a Childhood Friend Onee-san.

A Cliche Story with a Childhood Friend Onee-san. - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-27-2019 @ 03:48
Just a short one-shot manga that was posted by the artist on Twitter.
Walking Stick

Walking Stick - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-25-2019 @ 02:06
A new house proves to be not entirely unoccupied.
Jayne Walker

Jayne Walker - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-24-2019 @ 04:02
An estranged aunt names Jayne the inheritor of her estate. The only condition? Continue to employ the servants.
The Monster Girl Comic

The Monster Girl Comic - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-22-2019 @ 23:44
The comic about the lizard girl mail delivery agent who does her best in her own simple way.
Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-22-2019 @ 21:53
Enchanted Arms prequel manga that came with the Limited Edition version of the game.
It's about a student named Kana who the player meets in London City after a certain event.
Palm Trees

Palm Trees - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-22-2019 @ 00:52
A oneshot from the doujinshi anthology, Utopia Grass (volume 2).
Grass Cricket

Grass Cricket - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-22-2019 @ 00:50
A young boy meets a mysterious person who gives him a little box which produces a beautiful sound. Short, surreal and poetic.
Sannengo no Hatsukoi.

Sannengo no Hatsukoi. - Update chap 0.5 -> 0.6

Feb-20-2019 @ 14:35
A boy changes his appearance to get revenge on his ex for dumping him.
Blackberry Chocolate

Blackberry Chocolate - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-19-2019 @ 21:13
Perfect girls vs. perfect boys, two similar personalities commence their negotiations over chocolate.
Angel Girl

Angel Girl - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-19-2019 @ 01:37
Aho Girl's spin-off manga.
Noisy! Wario

Noisy! Wario - 1 chapter(s)

Feb-18-2019 @ 23:43
Waiwai! Wario! was a 7 pages long one-off gag manga created by Ryuusuke Hamamoto and published in Famitsu DS+Wii magazine in February 2006 as a tie-in for WarioWare: Touched! and features most of its cast.
Mona wants Wario to attend her concert but he just wants to sleep, and no amount of physical violence can shift him.
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