One shot Manga (2621)
Night at the Aquarium

Night at the Aquarium - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-18-2018 @ 19:32
A young man takes a part-time job which leads him to question his life choices.
0°C Magic

0°C Magic - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-14-2018 @ 19:01
A short story about a girl that can create life and a snowman.
Of A Life Without Regret

Of A Life Without Regret - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-11-2018 @ 05:01
A short story about a boy and his final wish.
Happiness Upon You

Happiness Upon You - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-10-2018 @ 18:33
A short story about a boy and a girl on their way to their next life.

Shii-chan - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-09-2018 @ 08:37
A short story about a girl that always thinks of her friend.
Misuto's Anatomy Records.

Misuto's Anatomy Records. - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-07-2018 @ 03:11
Aki's adopted father has been gruesomely murdered, and Aki herself is the main suspect! With nowhere else to turn, Aki must depend on the mysterious Anato Misuto to clear her name.
Dali's Witchcraft

Dali's Witchcraft - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-07-2018 @ 01:35
Dali wants to be a witch!
Princess Coda and the Cursed Collar

Princess Coda and the Cursed Collar - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-07-2018 @ 01:05
Adventure awaits Princess Coda and her newfound cat companion!
Sonya no Kaban-ya Nyuumon

Sonya no Kaban-ya Nyuumon - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-06-2018 @ 11:37
"Who knew luxury handbags could be so beautiful?" A oneshot about a girl who resolves to learn to make handbags.

Omaejan - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-06-2018 @ 11:06
A twitter oneshot about the most direct guy on Earth.
Blood Null

Blood Null - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-02-2018 @ 16:07
Despite his constant anemia, an accident leaves Akagawa Touma infested with an alien blood parasite, and the unintentional protector of Earth.
Last Eden

Last Eden - 1 chapter(s)

Dec-01-2018 @ 02:10
On the Island of Eden, people awaken to their unique ability called "Xeno." People who are able to use Xeno are called Xenotakers. At the Holy Cathedral High School, Yohane Bonaventura is the only person in their class unable to awaken a Xeno. Will he be discouraged and give up, or will he be able to fulfill his promise to his late mother?
No Game No Life Zero

No Game No Life Zero - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-27-2018 @ 16:35
The first part of the limited edition book you get from watching the No Game No Life Zero movie in theaters; the second part of the book is all text (24 pages)

Tsukumono - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-25-2018 @ 01:37
This is a one-shot about a kid who inherited his grandfather’s store, which is filled with special items enchanted/possessed with spirits.
My Beloved Senpai

My Beloved Senpai - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-25-2018 @ 01:35
A short oneshot about the love between a young girl and her senpai at an all-girls school.
Omae Watashi no Koto Suki daro?

Omae Watashi no Koto Suki daro? - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-23-2018 @ 19:03
It's a hilarious one shot about the beginning of a relationship between a bullish but clueless heroine and a shy boy!
Kodomo no Kamisama

Kodomo no Kamisama - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-23-2018 @ 14:02
Even with the process being an exchange and not giveaway, innocence once lost can never be restored.

Or something.
Kamisama Gokko

Kamisama Gokko - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-20-2018 @ 12:09
A girl watches over the town she lives in, believing the world is going to end. Soon she is joined by a boy who has no place to go, and they watch over the “last days” of the world together.
The Straw Hat and the Carp

The Straw Hat and the Carp - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-19-2018 @ 17:10
A god, tired of this world. A little girl, lively but sickly. The summer they cross paths.
Song of Heaven and Earth

Song of Heaven and Earth - 1 chapter(s)

Nov-19-2018 @ 16:43
A tale of two siblings—one unconventional, the other harboring a great secret.
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