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The Gamer

The Gamer - Update chap 267

2 days ago
Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities, and even level up! Follow Han Jee-Han as he discovers how to use this power, and maybe even where it came from.

Description from Line Webtoon:
What if your life is just like playing a game? What if you can upgrade your status and gain more levels? A fantasy world is coming right at you!
The God of High School

The God of High School - Update chap 403

2 days ago
While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world. If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.
They're recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of High School!
Unbalance x2: After Story

Unbalance x2: After Story - Update chap 44

2 days ago
Sequel to “Unbalance x2”. 25-year-old Nah Hae-Young is a high school teacher. She’s pretty popular and well-received by her students, but she has one huge secret… She’s actually in a relationship with one of her students, Myung Jin-Ho! This is her story of trying to navigate her life without allowing too many stirrups from her young lustful boyfriend!

TAL - Update chap 234

2 days ago
From: Easy Going Scans

They walk like ordinary people, they talk like ordinary people but in fact there is nothing ordinary about them since they can materialize an image they have on their mind... They call themselves Chachaoong which also means Shaman and they do not know how or when they came to this world. It is now a time for their current king to choose the future one and so he did by choosing Yu Jin an ordinary human...? Many of the Chachaoong can not tolerate a human ruling them and now the poor Yu Jin not knowing what suddenly hit him, is trying to avoid the Chachaoongs who are trying to kill him!
City of Dead Sorcerer

City of Dead Sorcerer - Update chap 158

2 days ago
The year is 2014, a new substance, SDE01, commonly referred to as "Mana" is discovered by a group of Russian scientists. The world plunges into a development race to find uses of this new seemingly unlimited source of energy that cannot be seen or felt.

16 years after the discovery, it's now the self-proclaimed Age of Magic, where you can download an App to your very phone and cast magic. However, heavy restrictions have been imposed over the available spells, and the required paperwork to even use a high level spell are astronomic.

Among the citizens of this new world, a red robed mysterious man seems capable of wielding extremely powerful magic in a way that should not be possible. It's unknown what his aim is or what he wants to accomplish. All that's known about this mysterious person is that he has been using forbidden level spells to kill evil-doers throughout the city.

But detective Kim is in charge of catching this murderer/hero. And he doesn't plan on giving up.
Dokgo 2

Dokgo 2 - Update chap 64

2 days ago
The sequel to Dokgo. After avenging his older brother, a new story begins for Kang Hyuk.
Miracle App Store

Miracle App Store - Update chap 28

2 days ago
Were stuck in our mundane lives. Dreaming of the lives we wish we had. But what if all your dreams can be solved with a few clicks. Would you take it?

Denma - Update chap 584

Mar-21-2019 @ 17:04
Denma is a Quanx, a special breed of humans who possess unique, superhuman powers. He used to be an infamous space villain, but he was tricked by a beautiful woman and found himself trapped in the body of a child - and he's been forced to work as a space courier ever since to get his real body back.

Denma is a fantastic tale of myriad space adventures that Denma goes through, filled with spaceships, ESP, high technology as well as insidious conspiracies and heartbreaking romance, all coming together to present a wonderfully constructed futuristic society controlled by greed, lust, and desire.
Under Prin

Under Prin - Update chap 251

Mar-21-2019 @ 17:02
From Easy Going Scans:

Lord Perdien is a 1st class demon who has been living in the human world with his son. He has no intentions for his son, Miryu, to follow the path of the demons and while their lives were peaceful up until now, a succubus arrival and a sudden illness of his son are more than enough to disturb their peaceful way of living. He has to make an important choice: Either to let his son die or listen to whatever the succubus offers him for a cure.

Warehouse - Update chap 48

Mar-21-2019 @ 00:40
Kim Dohyun, 28, is stuck in an dead-end job and with almost no money to his name. When he suddenly gets kidnapped during the day, it's only the beginning of his confinement by a scar-faced man who seems to have some kind of perplexing motive for keeping him captive.
Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago

Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago - Update chap 51

Mar-21-2019 @ 00:05
Young-un is a beautiful girl who dates and dumps guys easily, and Yeon-ho is a strange boy with a dark past who makes her feel something different...Contains mature themes
Hana Haru

Hana Haru - Update chap 90

Mar-20-2019 @ 18:08
A story of love between werewolf boy Haru and human girl Hana.

In a cold winter, little girl Hana and her family found a boy covered in blood, the boy is a werewolf baby. They picked up the boy, named him Haru, treated him and accepted him as a family member. A human girl and a werewolf boy who grew up over time. From now on their story begins.

Orginal Webcomic

Official Translation
My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty - Update chap 86

Mar-19-2019 @ 18:43
A super fat and ugly girl doesn't want to live anymore because she was rejected so many times by every guy she has tried to confess.. But now she is beauty and she can have any guy she wants.. Now she is Gangnam Beautyyy!!

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Girl's World

Girl's World - Update chap 145

Mar-19-2019 @ 17:45
Nari who just wants to blend in ends up forming a squad with the three prettiest girls on her first day of high school.
The Sound of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart - Update chap 449

Mar-19-2019 @ 17:36
While it may seem like merely a depiction of everyday life, The Sound of Your Heart is a comedy filled to the brim with wit, sarcasm and parody. This gives no regard for the probable or realistic- it is a series of absurd situations that are sure to get a laugh out of every reader willing to suspend their sense of reality for even a brief moment.
A Thousand Years Ninetails

A Thousand Years Ninetails - Update chap 119

Mar-19-2019 @ 01:17
In a city that is neither small nor big, there's a mountain that people avoid. The undeveloped mountain isn't protected with a green belt nor is it a site of environmental conservation. The avoided, prohibited forest... With the dismal atmosphere and the rumors that whisper about the spirits, let it to be called Spirit Mountain.
On the mountain there's a house, a famed house of mediums that shows off their long glorious history of their heritage. Hence, it was once called Medium Mountain.
But once, a long time ago, they said a Ninetails lived there... And was known as the Fox Mountain.
But now, 20 years later, a dark aura covered this isolated place...
Sweet Home

Sweet Home - Update chap 65

Mar-18-2019 @ 16:48
From the author and artist of Webtoon "Bastard". Now they’re back with new story revolving around a boy who is a recluse. His parents died from an accident, and left him alone.
Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker - Update chap 221

Mar-18-2019 @ 16:39
Jo Ja-Hyun (Jay) is the student president of Taeyang (Sunny) High. He is not just a smart student but an extreme biker with high techniques. As you follow his bike, you will meet his friends, love, and adventures.
Troll Trap

Troll Trap - Update chap 32

Mar-18-2019 @ 15:33
Have you ever noticed that someone you knew is no longer themselves? The subtle changes they show that indicate that they are no longer…human? Join hunter Ha-Te and the part-timer hunter Ji-Hyun on their adventure of hunting trolls to save the humanity!
Terror Man

Terror Man - Update chap 73

Mar-18-2019 @ 12:34
Min Jung Woo has a special ability, one that lets him see whenever a path leads to an unfortunate future. Min Jung Woo uses his eyes of "Misfortune" to spot unfortunate events and tries to stop them, leading him become a terrorist feared by the people.
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