Kudo Kazuya's Series

Mai, the Psychic Girl - 53 chapter(s)

Mai is silly, giggly, and flirtatious - just like any other cute fourteen-year-old girl. As far as Mai is concerned, her telekinetic abilities are just good for practical jokes. But when the secret organization known as the Wisdom Alliance tries to exploit her as a weapon to enslave the world, her father puts his life on the line to protect her. And Mai soon learns the hard way that her powers are no joke, but capable of unbelievable, deadly force! A mysterious organization of "superhumans" appears, intending to force Mai into joining it. With visions of "superior races", preparation for World War, and bases under the Ural mountains, it definitely has PLANS for the world. -- Viz

Pineapple Army - 9 chapter(s)

Pineapple Army is a story about a legendary Japanese ex-mercenary, working as a self-defense instructor. He is sent all around the world for a job by an international self-defense agency, and in each episode, there is a human drama. Along the way, he also saves the world a few times from the hands of terrorists.
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